The Health Risks of Drinking with High Blood Pressure

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Many people don’t realize the health dangers with regards to the consumption of alcohol should they have high blood pressure. Men and women who drink considerable amounts of alcohol often show signs of having higher blood pressure than individuals that drink less. This becomes important, specifically in incidents where folks are regular drinkers.

Ladies don’t possess the same level of tolerance towards alcohol as men. In the event the consumption of alcohol is increased above this level by both men and women, there’s an affect on the flexibility of the blood vessels and this can increase their blood pressure measurements towards harmful levels.

Due to drinking habits, alcohol and blood pressure changes are reasons for concern by doctors who deal with these sorts of hypertension patients. Men and women who are overweight in addition have problems with high blood pressure and the extra calories from the alcohol can add to this problem. You must needless to say realize that being overweight and consuming too much alcohol will lead to a lot more medication to deal with your blood pressure. If you take high blood pressure medication you should additionally be aware that alcohol can have a harmful affect on this medication.

It’s been shown repeatedly that lowering your consumption of alcohol will often help with your elevated blood pressure. Obviously for those individuals who have an alcohol problem and cannot easily quit, even lowering their consumption can help. As we pointed out earlier high blood pressure medication can be negatively affected with consumption of alcohol. The main problem with the alcohol is that it can in fact affect the potency of the medication that you’re taking for your high blood pressure, which may end up causing more medical problems.

An individual who has an alcohol problem as well as high blood pressure should be well advised and given support to lower their drinking as much as possible. Limitations and also guidelines should be administered for drinking by the medical doctor and these need to be stuck to as much as possible by the affected person. Your high blood pressure along with other medical issues will wind up getting worse if you don’t adhere to what the doctor tells you about your alcohol consumption while on medication. For individuals who have problems with alcohol you have to comprehend that there’s help available and your health practitioner should have the ability to point to an the proper direction.

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